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Open the door to reflecting and exploring the deeper dimensions of life with the WELL MOMENT set! Containing 32 open-ended question cards, this unique set stimulates conversations about wellbeing, psychology, professional fulfilment and health. Allow yourself and your team a moment of reflection and thoughtfulness and you will see your understanding of yourself and relationships within your company grow. Open the door to new perspectives and deepen relationships in the workplace with WELL MOMENT!

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Watch the video below and learn more details about the WELL MOMENT cards in English


  • addressing important yet sometimes sensitive topics in a non-invasive and natural way
  • sharing experiences and thoughts related to well-being on a daily basis
  • inspiring positive change
  • getting to know each other better, building trust and integrating teams
  • diversifying meetings with a positive message


– 32 WELL MOMENT cards, which we included in 4 categories:

  • Good emotions and successes
  • Engagement
  • Relations and cooperation
  • Health

– instruction

– an ecological bag for storing the game

When is it worth using WELL MOMENT cards?

The cards can have many uses:

  • If you are a trainer you can use the cards as an ice-breaker (a tool for participants to get to know each other or an energizer (a warm-up when you return to the room after a break such as lunch).
  • As a coach, HR professional or supervisor, you can use them in a 1:1 or group coaching session. They are also great for non-production or management teams. They can inspire you to work between sessions.
  • If you’re a supervisor, it’s worth using the cards at periodic meetings – they can be a tool for team members to get to know each other better, but also open up discussions about health, including mental health, cooperation or celebrating successes.
  • For HR professionals, happiness managers, wellbeing specialists, they can also serve as inspiration when creating engagement surveys or activities during wellbeing week or comprehensive wellbeing strategies.
  • If you’re a health and safety professional, it’s worth adding the topic of welfare to your periodic training, health days, or daily safety quarters.
  • The cards also give you the opportunity to work on your own development and personal well-being.

This list is certainly not closed, and opportunities to apply the cards will arise as the wellbeing approach develops with you, your team or the entire organization!


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