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Safety moment and what is next

We are glad that you purchased our SAFETY MOMENT card set. Below we have prepared more details for you how and when to use it.


  • learning from mistakes that have led to accidents or dangerous situations for the participants of the game or people around them (remember: The source of knowledge of intelligent people are the mistakes of other people),
  • sharing experiences, experiences and thoughts related to safety at home and at work,
  • conducting talks about safety in a holistic perspective (in the context of work and everyday situations),
  • getting to know each other and integrating the game participants in the spirit of safety,
  • improving communication skills.

Elements of the set

– 36 SAFETY MOMENT cards in 4 categories:

  • Individual experiences (10 cards)
  • My workplace (10 cards)
  • Thoughts and opinions (8 cards)
  • Golden thoughts (8 cards)

– Instruction

– Eco-friendly pouch for storing the game

How to play?

Option 1 – Random selection

Each participant of the game draws 1 card at random. Then each person shares their SAFETY MOMENT answer / story with the other participants.

Option 2 – Preferred Choice

Each of the participants of the exercise chooses 1 card to which they would like to respond. After a moment of self-reflection, each person shares SAFETY MOMENT with the other participants.

Option 3 – One for all

The team draws or picks only 1 card. The selected card is a topic for discussion and exchange of experiences for all participants of the game.


When to play?

Below we have included a collection of ideas when it is worth reaching for SAFETY MOMENT:

  • icebreaker, a simple method that will guarantee the integration of the group from the first minutes of training (including initial and periodic health and safety training, but not only!),
  • as an energizer and a break during the training (e.g. after a lunch break),
  • as one of the exercises during training in the field of safety culture,
  • as one of the activities during the safety days,
  • as a supervisor – choose 1 card and, based on it, conduct a few minutes’ moderated conversation with your crew,
  • let the participants draw or choose 1 card each and thus start a cyclical meeting of your team in accordance with the „safety first” principle,
  • place a set of SAFETY MOMENT cards in every meeting room in your company. Let the participants of the meetings (including production, sales, management) each time before their start draw / choose 1 card and talk about safety for a while.

Each organization has its own colors, specificity and unique applicable rules and rules. We are convinced that the above list of how to use SAFETY MOMENT is still open! We will be very pleased if you share with us your additional ideas for the use of SAFETY MOMENT cards. Email us or tag us on LinkedIn when sharing with the world that you’ve just implemented our game in your organization.

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