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SAFETY MOMENT 2 is a simple, integration-friendly OSH game in which participants raise topics related to safety at home and at work. The universality of the SAFETY MOMENT 2 questions makes the game dedicated to employees of all professional groups.

The questions included in the SAFETY MOMENT 2 set motivate the participants of the game to reflect on their safety at home and at work.

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Watch the video below and learn more about SAFETY MOMENT 2:

The safety game can be used, among others:

  • as an icebreaker, i.e. a simple method that will guarantee group integration from the first minutes of training (including initial but also periodic training in occupational health and safety),
  • an energizer and a break during the training (e.g. after a lunch break),
  • as one of the exercises during training in the field of safety culture,
  • one of the activities during the safety days,
  • as a manager – select a card and then conduct a short toolbox talk session with your employees,
  • let the participants draw or choose 1 card each and thus start a cyclical meeting of your team in accordance with the „safety first” principle,
  • place a set of SAFETY MOMENT 2 cards in every meeting room in your company. Before each meeting, let participants draw 1 card and talk about safety for a while.

Each company is different – so we believe that in your organization you will find several other ideas for using SAFETY MOMENT 2.

SAFETY MOMENT 2 game explicitly provides players:

  • getting to know each other better (in the spirit of safety),
  • a platform for discussing the state of safety in their workplace,
  • mutual sharing of safety practices not only at home but also at work,
  • safety reflections,
  • building integration and an atmosphere of openness in the team.

Elements of the set:

– 36 SAFETY MOMENT cards, which we included in 5 categories:

  1. Individual experiences (8 cards)
  2. Safety leader (9 cards)
  3. My workplace (8 cards)
  4. Statistics and opinions (6 cards)
  5. Golden thoughts (5 cards)

– instruction

– an ecological bag for storing the game

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